Tor Setup

Using Tor with your myNode

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Tor is a technology that allows devices to communicate securely and privately via the Internet. This technology can be incredibly useful to Bitcoin and Lightning by securing connections between the devices you use everyday and your myNode.

By enabling Tor, you can use apps, like Electrum, on your phone or laptop no matter where you are and still rely on the trust your myNode provides.

For more information on Tor, visit their website.

Tor Setup on Android

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On your Android device, download Orbot and enable it by Clicking the Start button. This will create a Tor connection from your phone.

Next, open the Tor information page on your myNode device and find the Onion Hostname and Password.

Back in Orbot, we need to add the password so it can securely connect to your myNode. In the app, go to Settings -> Onion Services -> Client Cookies. On this screen tap the Add button and enter your myNode Onion Hostname and Password. Tap Save. After saving, you may need to restart the Tor service.

Your device is now ready to use Tor for various applications!

Tor Setup on Linux

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On your Linux PC, make sure you have Tor installed.

Once the software is installed, add the authenticated service to your /etc/tor/torrc file. This allows programs, like Electrum, on your PC to connect to secure services using the password you provide in the torrc file.

The /etc/tor/torrc has the following format for adding a new authenticated service:

HidServAuth [onion url].onion [onion password]

You can find your Onion URL and Onion Password on the Tor page in the myNode GUI.

After the settings file is updated, restart Tor by rebooting or running "sudo systemctl restart tor" or a similar command.

Your Linux PC is now ready to connect to Tor services provided by myNode!