Getting Started with myNode

Download and Install

This step should be skipped if you purchased a myNode device!

Setting up a new myNode device can be done in a few easy steps. First, you need to download the myNode image for your device type and flash it on an SD card according to the instructions on the download page.

Power On and Attach HDD

Next, power on the device and attach an external HDD or SSD.

Note: The drive will be re-formatted for use by myNode and existing data will be lost!

Connecting to myNode

Once it's powered, visit http://mynode.local/ or http://mynode_ip_address/ in a web browser on your PC, laptop or phone. The myNode device runs a webserver, so to connect to it's GUI, you use a browser on a different device.

You will be prompted to enter your product key. If you want to use the Community Edition, you can choose that option. Otherwise, enter the product key that has either been emailed to you or is printed on the bottom of your device.

The first stage is for the device to run QuickSync which downloads a pre-validated copy of the blockchain so you can get started faster! This process may take up to a couple days depending on your device. The myNode home page will tell you the current status. Once QuickSync has completed, the device will automatically sync with the Bitcoin network.

Your myNode is now ready and you will see the main myNode home page!

You can also connect to your device via SSH if you are familiar with Linux. You can connect using the device IP or hostname.

Default Credentials
Username: admin
Password: bolt

From here, you can start using all the features myNode has to offer!

It is recommended to change your password.

Each feature has its own guide that can be found on the main guides page.

Next Steps